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In property division for divorcing couples, Texas is an equitable distribution state. Under equitable distribution, a court is required to do what is fair (or equitable) in relation to each spouse's assets and liabilities.

The starting point in equitable distribution is a 50-50 division split. Courts will then look at the financial situation each spouse will be in following the divorce. Although equitable distribution is more flexible, it is harder to predict the actual outcome since the factors are considered subjectively. Factors considered in equitable distribution include:

  • Length of marriage
  • Origination of funds or assets (original source)
  • Family gifts
  • Inheritances
  • Other sources of income such as rental properties or stock dividends

When courts handle distribution of property, they first consider parenting time, followed by equitable distribution, then alimony and then child support, with all determinations based first upon need and then upon ability to pay.

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