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Resolving Child Custody Disputes In Houston

Child custody disputes are often the most stressful parts of any divorce. It is painful for many parents to think about not having their child living with them full time.

At The Law Office of Clint W. Chase, we understand. We have spent a great deal of time helping you understand what support and custody mean both in legal terms and what they mean in everyday life after divorce. Making parenting plans does not have to be stressful. Call our office at (281) 536-7055 to schedule a consultation today.

Making A Plan That Protects Your Parental Rights

When determining parenting time, it is best for parents to work together on a plan that preserves the child's relationships with both parents. This will lessen the chance of the court stepping in and making a decision that can cause one or both parents a lot of pain. We can help you work on a parenting plan that takes into account:

  • Where the child will live and the amount of parenting time for each parent (previously referred to as custody and visitation)
  • Where the child will spend holidays, birthdays and school vacations
  • If the child will stay with the other parent when the other parent is out of town or unavailable for some reason
  • What happens if an active duty military parent is deployed overseas

As experienced family lawyers, we can help you determine the best way to protect your and your child's interests.

Remember, A Parenting Plan Can Be Changed

Circumstances are likely to change a lot before your children turn 18, especially if they are very young. For circumstances like a parental relocation, a military deployment, a health emergency or the safety of the child, it can be possible to modify a parenting plan. Under Texas law, parents can modify a parenting plan if they can show a "substantial change of circumstances." In addition, modifying a parenting plan must be in the child's best interests. We can evaluate your case and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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Even if you and your spouse can negotiate amicably, it is best to have an experienced attorney review a settlement before you agree to anything. To learn more about your parental rights, contact our office online or by calling (281) 536-7055.